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Siemens Positioner

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The serial SIPART PS2 intellectual electric and hydraulic positioner used in controlling actuator which is lining or angle Intellectual electric and hydraulic positioner drives actuator, so as to make the valve reach given position. Additional function output can lock disc position or drive valve achieve safe position. So, there is a binary system input connection in every basic product.

The serial SIPART PS2 intellectual electric and hydraulic positioner has unique characteristics:

  • The actuator applied the same type positioner
  • Three buttons and double line LCD can reach simple operation and programming
  • Has the function of adjusting the range and zero position
  • Manual operation without extra facility
  • Choice or programming output
  • Self-checking function
  • Consuming little air
  • Having the choice of enactment value and variable limit value
  • Programming the function of “sound close”

The serial SIPART PS2 intellectual electric and hydraulic positioner has the following type:
Aluminum shell and stainless steel shell for spring action
Aluminum shell for double action
For dangerous area or non-dangerous area:

  • EEx ia/ib
  • EEx d

SIPART PS2 serial valve positioner applies high integration and micro-processor digital equipment.
It is constituted by the following parts:

  • Shell and cover.
  • PCB Circuit ban: Owing electric parts with HART or without HART communication; PROFIBUS-PA by the standard of IEC 1158-2.
  • Actuator’s range examination parts(valve position feedback system)
  • Screw line end box
  • Range balance motor to control air

It is fixed inside of the shell, air import and pressure export connection are on the right of the position. There are some grooves on the circuit board inside of the shell,you can lock the following function models:

  • Ly models: 4-20mA position feedback model
  • Warning model(three outputs, one input):

Apply binary system signal as the limit position signal .They can be set maximum and minimum value.
If it can’t reach the rating position under the automatic condition, or it is malfunction, it can export a warning signal;
The second binary system input is used for warning signal or touching off safety response and it can lock or set position.

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